At the Time
and the Place

Eduardo Nave

10:15 am. January 15th, 1992. Manuel Broseta Pons (Professor of Law at the University of Valencia) was killed by a single shot in the head in front of the old School of Law in the gardens of Vicente Blasco Ibanez Avenue (Valencia)

The idea of emptiness is scary. There is nothing more complex than accepting that there’s nothing after something. After the noise, there is silence. After death, oblivion.

Nowadays there are increasingly places devoted to memory and commemoration. However, what we remember and celebrate only reinforces the oblivion and makes it more evident. Memorials deny the memory of the place itself and the scenario of the commemoration is nothing but the place where death happened.

At the time and the place shows initially unimportant places that have become significant due to the deaths in terrorist attacks committed by ETA in Spain and France, from the Sixties to the present. They are ordinary places, places without interest, without specificity, they are places not to remember but to forget; places where today nothing is left but emptiness.

Irreverent with oblivion, beyond the material alteration of space, Eduardo Nave seeks to capture, at the precise time and place of the past event, what remains where nothing is left. He reveals the hidden scar. Rather than a photograph, he presents the audience an authentic, sensitive experience, an experience of contrasts: the contrast between images of stillness and traces of a state of unrest, between appearances of ordinary places and experiences of extraordinary emotional atmospheres, between the silence of life and the noise of death.

Through photography we approach, perceive, look, and finally capture. And once we capture we remember, unveil and deny the void. Eduardo Nave tries to make what escapes last. He tries to recover the memory from the places where it belongs. Where we forget it.

Maybe the light, the atmosphere, the sound. Maybe the absurd attempt to rescue the memory.

Minutes before 12pm. February 11th, 1997. Patxi Arratibel Fuentes (Businessman) got shot in the neck and died while walking down the street Errementari de Tolosa (Gipuzkoa)
9:30 pm. February 12th, 1983. Patricia Joaquina Llanillo Borbolla (Housewife) was machine-gunned inside her vehicle, parked on Andia de Tolosa street (Gipuzkoa)
9:20 pm. February 12th, 1979. Cesar Pinilla Sanz (Local Police) was shot from behind when he was about to enter his home, located at No. 1 Bermeo Mungia Road (Bizkaia)
8:10 pm. February 19th, 1992. Eutimio Gomez Gomez (Heater), Antonio Somoza Ricondo (Student) and Julia Rios Rioz (Baker) were killed by a car bomb placed at the intersection of the streets Albericia and Lavapies of Santander (Cantabria)
7:35 am. May 20th, 1996. Miguel Angel Diaz-Gonzalez Ayllon (Career Soldier) died as a result of a detonated bomb that was hidden in a dumpster located at n ° 9 of Carlos III de Cordoba Avenue (Andalucia)
8:25 am. May 24th, 2001. Santiago Oleaga Elejabarrieta (Chief Financial Officer of El Diario Vasco) was killed death by three shots at close range and four in the head when he felt to the floor of Iza Street (former parking of Matia Foundation) of Donostia (Gipuzkoa)
8:30 am. May 25th, 1988. Sebastian Aizpiri Leyaristi (Hospitality Businessman) was shot dead from behind at a short distance on the access stairways to Isasi street in Eibar (Gipuzkoa)
7:30 am. May 29th, 1991. Juan Chincoa Ales (Guardia Civil), Francisco Cipriano Diaz Sanchez (Student), Maudilia Duque Duran (Civilian), Ana Cristina Lopez Porras (Student), Maria Pilar Quesada Araque (Student), Nuria Ribo Parera (Housewife), Rosa Maria Rosa Muñoz (Student), Vanessa Ruiz Lara (Student) and Juan Salas Piriz (Guardia Civil) were killed due to a car bomb explosión inside the Barracks House of the Guardia Civil of Vic, located in the intersection between Andreu Ferrer street and Paseo de la Generalitat (Catalonia)
8:16 am. June 21st, 1993. Javier Baro Diaz de Figueroa (Lieutenant Colonel of the General Land Army Corps), Jose Manuel Calvo Alonso (Staff Army Sergeant), Jose Alberto Sogel Carter (Lieutenant Colonel of the Land Army Corps), Fidel Davila Garijo (Lieutenant Colonel of the General Land Army Corps) Domingo Olivo Esparza (Commander in the General Navy), Pedro Robles Lopez (Civilian Driver of the Ministry of Defence) and John Romero Alvarez (Commander of the Air Force) were killed due to a car bomb explosion. The bomb was located in front of No 61 Joaquin Costa street in Madrid.
12:15 pm. June 25th, 1990. Jose Luis Hervas Mañaas (Sergeant of the Guardia Civil) was shot dead in Foz de Lumbier (Navarre)
11:30 am. July 5th, 1975. Carlos Arguimberri Elorriaga (Bus Driver) died in front of his brothers after being shot several times inside the bus he was driving, located in the Km.40 N-634 Deba highway (Gipuzkoa)
8:45 pm. July 10th, 2001. Luis Ortiz de la Rosa (National Police) was killed by a car bomb while he was trying to evict the area of Ocaña street in Madrid.
4:50 pm. July 12th, 1997. Miguel Angel Blanco Garrido (Local Concillor of Partido Popular party) was shot twice in the head and killed while he was on his knees and handcuffed in the vicinity of No 3 Miracampos residential complex. Lasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa)
7:48 am. July 14th, 1986. Carmelo Bella Álamo (Guardia Civil), Juan Ignacio Calvo Guerrero (Guardia Civil), Jose Gutierrez Calvo (Guardia Civil), Miguel Angel Cornejo Ros (Guardia Civil), Javier Esteban Plaza (Guardia Civil), Andres Jose Fernandez Pertierra (Guardia Civil) , Jesus Maria Freixas Montes (Guardia Civil), Jose Joaquin Garcia Ruiz (Guardia Civil), Miguel Angel de la Higuera Lopez (Guardia Civil), Santiago Iglesias Godino (Guardia Civil), Jesus Jimenez Jimeno (Guardia Civil) and Antonio Lancharro Reyes ( Guardia Civil) were killed due to a truck bomb that exploded in the Plaza de la Republica Dominicana (Madrid)
1:50 pm. July 30th, 2009. Carlos Enrique Saenz de Tejada Garcia (Guardia Civil) and Diego Salva Lezaun (Guardia Civil) were killed due to a boobytrap located under his car, parked on Diego Salva Lezaun street in Calvia (Balearic Islands)
6:10 am. August 20, 2000. Irene Fernandez Perera (Guardia Civil) and Jose Angel de Jesus Encinas (Guardia Civil) were killed due to a bomb explosion. The bomb was placed under his patrol car and was located in the Plaza del Valle de Tena Sallent de Gallego (Huesca)
5:15 pm. November 17th, 1989. Jose Martinez Moreno (Lieutenant Colonel of the General Land Army Corps) was shot death when he stopped at a traffic light while being inside his official vehicle at the Glorieta de Carlos V in Madrid.
9:20 am. December 1st, 2007. Raul Centeno Bayon (Guardia Civil) and Fernando Trapero Blazquez (Guardia Civil) were shot death while they where inside their vehicle, that was parked in “Les Ecureuils” cafe in Capbreton (France)
9:01 am. December 30th, 2006. Diego Armando Estacio Sivisapa (Construction Worker) and Carlos Alonso Palate Sailema (Factory Worker) died due to a truck bomb explosion in the module D parking of Terminal 4 at Barajas airport (Madrid)

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